Song of My Soul Mosaics
Song of My Soul Mosaics 


The concept of taking an item that is "broken"and with it creating something

even more beautiful has great symbolism for me.


Each mosaic is unique, and is lovingly created in a meticulous process in which different art mediums, industrial strength epoxies, glass, colored grout, and materials such as jewels,

beads, mirror, metal, stone, shells and ceramics may become part of a design created on a

cementitious, glass or stone substrate.  Every fragment placed into the design

builds upon the next, affecting and changing the overall composition.


I use clear & stained glass of different types & thicknesses (plate, tempered, textured, frosted) 

which are often layered, stacked, or set on edge, drawing the eye in and giving each piece

a depth and 3-dimensional quality not found in traditional mosaic. 


Mosaics are versatile, durable and weatherproof, and can be worked into 3-dimensional sculptural features as well as applied to walls, floors, and exteriors. Please visit the "Commissions" page        to learn more about having a one-of-a kind piece created just for you!



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