Song of My Soul Mosaics
Song of My Soul Mosaics 

       New Dimensions in Glass Art & Mosaic                              by Mary Beth Binder




 Mosaic is an ancient form of art where many disparate pieces come together
to form a cohesive whole. 
A  mosaic composed of glass is not only stunning, it is also unique in the world of glass arts
because of the exciting movement, reflection and transmission of light and color
through and around the cut facets of glass.
 Please feel free to contact me if you are Interested in adding a fine art piece to your collection.

I also accept commissions for custom work.



                                What's New?



"Sakura", commissioned for a young ladyʻs 21st. birthday.





The first in a new series of glass-on-glass garden ornaments.




This "Tropical Island" mural was designed to merge with the existing tile to create a panoramic illusion, and incorporates a Murano glass cross from the Basilica di San Marco in Venice, Italy

to represent the Wailuki cross in Maui.


Measuring only 21 by 30 inches, it contains over 8400 pieces of glass.




Originally shaped and ridden by big wave surfer Don Uchimura,

   this 7' 2" glass mosaic surfboard finds new life either as an outdoor shower (pictured)

or modified for display.

(Also pictured: "ʻOpihi at Low Tide" and white textured shell & glass mirror.) 

To view more images, please visit the "Artwork" page.

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